Goat Milk Sunscreen SPF 25

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We have taken our famous goat milk lotion and turbocharged it, making it SPF 25!

......…and we did it naturally!

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide- is a mineral prized for it's non-toxic, non-reactive, and luminous properties.  It is the whitest and brightest of known pigments and has reflective qualities that can both scatter and absorb UV rays.  It is a common ingredient in natural sunscreen, pharmaceuticals, and even food products. 

There is controversy over using nano zinc oxide vs. non-nano zinc oxide.  Nano zinc oxide particles are so small that they can be absorbed through the skin and enter into the blood stream.  But they don't leave a white film so they are more aesthetically pleasing for sunscreen/lotion purposes.  Non-nano zinc oxide particles are larger and may leave a chalky/white layer until they settle onto the skin.  Non-nano zinc does not enter the blood stream. 

I chose non-nano zinc oxide until I can read more studies and ascertain that nano particles are safe.  So, be aware that this sunscreen may take more time to soak in and a little more rubbing to alleviate chalkiness (but your blood will be safe).  I have found that after a few minutes the white will go away.