Citronella Lotion

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This Citronella Goat Milk Lotion is a great alternative to bug sprays.  It soaks in easily, smells fantastic (like citronella), is made with organic and essential oils, and is kid safe.  Great for keeping on the back patio, on a camping trip, or out for a hike.  Keep the mosquitos away naturally!

The repellent ability of Citronella has been exploited for thousands of years by man, most simply by hanging bruised plants in houses, a practice that is still in wide use throughout the developing countries.  Citronella plants have also been used for centuries in the form of crude fumigants where plants were burnt to drive away nuisance mosquitoes and later as oil formulations applied to the skin or clothes which was first recorded in writings by ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian scholars. Citronella (Figubased repellents are still extensively used in this traditional way throughout rural communities in the tropics. In Europe and North America “natural” smelling repellents are preferred because plants are a safe and trusted means of mosquito bite prevention.